Required tools for Web Development

Before you can start developing with Ionic you will need the following tools. They are a requirement to develop pretty much any modern JavaScript application these days, so I would expect most people to have them already installed. But even if you do have them already please check that you are using recent versions.

  • A computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  • The Chrome Web Browser.
    You can use another browser if you prefer, but I'll use the Chrome Developer Tools a lot in the videos, so it's easier if you use Chrome too.
  • A text editor or IDE, preferably with TypeScript support.
    In the videos I use Visual Studio Code; it's cross-platform, free and open source. But you can use whichever you prefer. Other popular choices include Atom, WebStorm, Sublime Text, Visual Studio IDE.
  • Node.js, because it includes npm, a tool used to install JavaScript packages.
    I recommend using the latest Node.js LTS (Long Term Support) version, currently v6.9.5.
    On macOS and Linux I recommend using nvm to install Node.js. It lets you keep multiple Node.js versions at the same time, and you never need to use sudo because everything is installed inside your HOME folder.

Ionic CLI

To create build, and run our projects we'll use the Ionic CLI (Command Line Interface). You can install it as an npm package globally on your machine simply by running the following command:

npm install -g ionic

Ionic requires Cordova to build Android and iOS apps so please install the Cordova CLI as well with:

npm install -g cordova

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